Keynote Speakers

Professor Chu Junhao

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, semiconductor physics and device expert.

Graduated from the Physics Department of Shanghai Normal University in 1966, and received the doctorate degree from Shanghai Institute of Technology Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1984.

Elected as the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005; Research Fellow, Shanghai Institute of Technological Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.From 1993 to 2003, director of the State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Currently, director of the Journal of infrared and millimeter wave, director of Shanghai solar cell research and development center.


Professor T. S. Zhao

Cheong Ying Chan Professor of Engineering and Environment

Chair Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Director of the HKUST Energy Institute

Senior Fellow of the HKUST Institute for Advanced Study

Conference Topic: Energy Storage for the Age of Renewables



Professor Matthaios Santamouris

Professor Mat Santamouris is Professor of High Performance Architecture at UNSW, and Professor in the University of Athens, Greece. Visiting Professor : Cyprus Institute, Metropolitan University London, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Bolzano University, Brunnel University and National University of Singapore. Past President of the National Center of Renewable and Energy Savings of Greece. Editor in Chief of the Energy and Buildings Journal, Past Editor in Chief of the Advances Building Energy Research, Associate Editor of the Solar Energy Journal and Member of the Editorial Board of 14 Journals. Editor of the Series of Book on Buildings, published by Earthscan Science Publishers. Editor and author of 14 international books published by Earthscan, Springer, etc. Author of 270 scientific articles published in journals. Reviewer of research projects in 15 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, etc.



Professor Chris Twinn

Chris is a strategic sustainability adviser with more than 38 years’ experience in the design and construction of the built environment.

Taking a ‘Total Design’ approach to integrating planning & policy, architecture, engineering, & economics, his is recognised as a world leader in this field.

Meanwhile he continues his in-depth involvement in the practical design and delivery of fabric and systems for environmentally sensitive buildings.





Professor Peter D. Lund

Dr. Peter D. Lund is Professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Aalto University, Finland. He has close to 40 years experience in energy technologies, innovations, systems, and policies.

He has had visiting positions at Hubei University (Wuhan), Technical University of Dresden (Germany), Southeast University (Nanjing). Dr. Lund is active in senior roles with European Union initiatives in energy.

He is member of the Swedish Engineering Academy in Finland. Dr. Lund is Editor for Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment and Editor-Europe of Energy Research (Wiley). He has given numerous invited talks and published 500+ research papers. He has been internationally awarded, lastly with the Jinling Award in 2016.





Professor Shengqiang Shen

Professor Shengqiang Shen got his PhD in Dalian University of Technology in 1989. He works in the university since then and he got the professorship in 1997.

He is served as the Chairman of the Engineering Thermophysics Specialized Committee of Chinese University Society.

He is also the Chief-Editor of Chinese Journal of Thermal Science and Technology.