Welcome to Wuhan

Wuhan’s motto is Different Every Day, and it lives up to this goal with projects of huge scale which are remaking, remodeling, and modernizing this amazing city; a center of great historical significance for China.

While availing yourself of the many beautiful and exciting attractions Wuhan has to offer, please keep in mind that you will be here during our summer; outdoor temperatures can reach 40°C (104°F).  Be sure to consider protection from the hot sun, and have access to plenty of bottled water.


Wuhan Central Culture District

Admission: n/a

The venue for the 2018 SET conference is in the heart of Wuhan’s Central Culture District; a 50 billion yuan project begun in 2011 to highlight Chinese culture, to encourage tourism, and to provide a world-class business center.

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Han Show Theater

Admission: variable

Taxi directions – 请带我去:汉秀剧场

The Han Show Theater is an amazing building shaped like a traditional Chinese lantern. It has regular world-class theatrical performances.  The following link provides the schedule of performances, and seat pricing:

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To get there: Take the metro, Line 4 heading towards Wuhan station, go 1 stop and disembark at Chuhehanjie station.  Use exit A, and go southeast on Bailu Street about 500 meters, then go left a short distance on Donghu Road.  The Han Show Theater will be on your right.


Han Street

Admission: n/a

Taxi directions – 请带我去:楚河汉街(东湖路)

Han Street is a big place, and it is a pedestrian-only area, so our directions specify the Donghu Road entrance, near to the Han Show Theater.

Called “The Eye” of the Wuhan Central Culture District, Han Street offers a rich commercial environment; perfect for those looking for the most popular  fashion brands.  It also has many restaurants and coffee shops, and boasts the Han Show Theater; a world-class stage show theater built in the shape of a traditional Chinese red lantern.Han Street is a “must-see” attraction, especially at night!

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To get there, take the metro Line 4 heading towards Wuhan station.  Go one stop and disembark at the Chu River & Han Street station.  Use exit B, and continue north on Zhongbei Road for about 300 meters, then turn right on Chuhe S Road.  The map is linked to a bank, but Han Street extends east and west; take your pick, and enjoy!

The map is anchored to a random store, just to get you started exploring Han Street.  This is different to the taxi directions above, which will take you to the eastern end of the pedestrian street.


Yellow Crane Tower

Admission: ¥80

Taxi directions – 请带我去:黄鹤楼

Yellow Crane Tower is considered one of the Four Great Towers of China. The current structure was built in 1981, but the tower has existed in various forms since at least AD 223. The top of the tower has a broad view of its surroundings and the Yangtze River.

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To get there, you are going to catch an electronic trolley bus, #1.  The stop for this bus is about 200 meters from the Hong Shan Hotel.  Coming out of the hotel, you can turn right (west) on Hongshan Road, go left (south) GuangChang Ring Road. Just around the corner you’ll cross the road for the stop for bus #1, called HongShan GuangChang DiTieZhan.  Check the board and make sure it is heading towards SanMin Lu.  Ride this bus for 6 stops, disembarking at HuangHeLou.  You will easily see the main tower of Yellow Crane Tower to your northwest.  Continue walking in the same direction the bus was going, along Huanghelou Road East (you’ll be walking west).  About 300 meters on your right you will find the entrance to the complex.


Hubei Provincial Museum

Admission: free

Taxi directions – 请带我去:湖北省博物馆

Located in the beautiful coast of East Lake, Hubei Provincial Museum is a state-level museum and one of the eight key museums sponsored jointly by the central and local governments. As an extension of the exhibition, the chime bell music and dancing performance are particularly favored by visitors.

To get there, Exit the hotel and turn left (east) along Hongshan Road for about 450 meters.  The bus stop, HongShan Lu, is on the other side of the road; you are looking for bus #411.  Board #411 and go 5 stops, disembarking at DongHu Lu ShengBoWuGuan.  Continue walking in the same direction for another 200 meters.  You’ll be near the intersection with Huangli Road, and the entrance to the museum is on your right.  Just across Huangli Road you will see The Hubei Museum of Art; another potential point of interest.


Hankou River Beach Park  & Tiandi

Admission: n/a

Taxi directions – 请带我去:汉口江滩和武汉天地

Hankou River Beach Park is a tranquil waterfront recreational park on the west bank of the Yangtze river, right across from Wuchang.  It has lots of shade trees, long walkways along the riverside, and numerous squares where you can watch Chinese Square Dancing each evening; or even join in!  If you are lucky, you may catch people performing various traditional Chinese skills; maybe even a Dragon Dance!  At night, you can often see bright electric kites being flown on the warm breeze.

Tiandi is close by, and offers boutique shops, recreation, bars, and restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world.

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The following map is anchored on a bank within Tiandi, but Tiandi is a large area.  To get there, exit the hotel and enter the metro via exit D2.  Get on the Line 2 train heading towards Tianhe Airport.  Go 5 stops, and disembark at Xunlimen Station.  Follow the signs to Line 1 heading towards Hankou North.  Line 1 is an elevated line, and affords an excellent via of the surrounding city as you ride along.  Go for 3 stops, and disembark at Huangpulu station.  Take exit A, make your way to Lugouqiao Road, and turn left (east).When you reach, and cross over Zhongshan Avenue, you are at the start of Tiandi.  This intersection is the southwest corner of the area.  Also, if you do not cross Zhingshan Avenue, but instead turn left and walk north, you will encounter the entrance to the brand new Wuhan Tiandi Horizon Shopping Center.

Or, simply continue all the way to the end of Lugouqiao Road, cross over Yanjiang Avenue, and you will enter the Hankou Beach recreation area.


Jianghan Customs House

Admission: free

Taxi directions – 请带我去:江汉关

Just off the south end of Hankou River Beach Park, you’ll find the Jianghan Customs House.  This museum is a nationally protected historical and cultural site.  With a bell tower standing over 80 meters tall, it will be easy to find!

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To get there, get on Line 2 heading towards Tianhe Airport.  Ride 4 stops, and disembark at Jianghan Road station.  Use exit C, and head southeast along Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street.  When Jianghan Road curves left, it will be joined from your right by Linjiang Alley. Look to your right across the street and you should be able to spot the distinctive clock tower.


Wuhan Science and Technology Museum

Admission: free

Taxi directions:


The Wuhan Science and Technology Museum is just 500 meters away from the Customs House. This museum has 9 distinct areas, each one dedicated to a specific area of science. Each section is enormous, built with incredible detail, and presented in an educational format.

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To get there, your journey starts out exactly the same as if you are going to the Jianghan Customs House.  In fact, you will walk right by it! You simply continue along Jianghan Road, and merge with Yanjiang Avenue.  Keep heading north about another 400 meters, and the museum will be on your right.


Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall

Admission: variable

Taxi directions – 请带我去:琴台大剧院

The Qintai Concert Hall is…

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To get there, get on Line 4 heading towards Huangjinkou.  Ride for 6 stops, and disembark at Lanjiang Road.  Use exit A, then make your way generally west through the shops; you’ll go west a ways, then turn to the south, then west again as you follow the open area between stores.  After about 300 meters, you’ll encounter Yingwu Avenue. Turn left (do not cross the street) heading south.  The first bus stop is not yours; look for the second bus stop, and check on the schedule for bus #658.  Ride for 4 stops.  You will know when you are getting close; the bus will go north on Yingwu Avenue until it approaches the Jianghan Bridge (Han River Bridge).  It will veer off to the right, then make a hard left onto HanJiang Avenue heading west.  When it makes a U-turn, that is your stop.  Disembark, and walk to the east (back towards the Han River Bridge) for about 100 meters, then turn right onto the entry drive.


Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

Admission: ¥10

Taxi directions:


Found in Hanyang, west of the Yangtze river, and south of the Han river, the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is a treasure for those who appreciate the solemn spirituality of the site.  So many buildings to see, all in traditional architectural styles.

And then there’s the 500 Lohan; all small 25Kg statues, each one absolutely unique from the others.  This is a phenomenon equal to the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an!

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To get there,


Yangtze River Cruises

The Yangtze River is the third longest in the world, and the longest in China; and it runs right through the middle of Wuhan.  There are multi-day cruises mostly running between Yichang and Chongqing; Yichang is easily reached in 2 hours by a high speed train departing Wuchang train station.

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