Professor Jie Ji


Jie Ji, Professor of University of Science and Technology of China. Top expert on renewable energy technologies in Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. Special Contribution Professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Executive member of Chinese Renewable Energy Society. Vice Chairman of Chinese Solar Thermal Utilization Committee. Director of Research Centre of Solar Thermal Conversion of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Most Cited Chinese Researchers in Elsevier (2014, 2015 and 2016). Evaluation Expert of National Science and Technology Award of China, Yangtze River Scholars of Ministry of Education of China, the “Thousand Talents program” and “Ten Thousand Talents program” of Central Organization Department of China, Outstanding Youth Project and Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. Member of the Academic Committee of Renewable Energy Key Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences and New Thin Film Solar Cell Key Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Member of the academic committee of University of Science and Technology of China.


Prof. Jie Ji has a wide range of experience of solar energy, heat pumps, sustainable technologies, heat transfer, HVAC. He leads a large international research team on solar energy and has trained four European Union Marie Curie Fellows. He has been involved in a number of projects funded by the National “973” and “863” Hi-Tech Development Programs of China, “Solar Action Plan” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China etc. and has obtained grants in excess of 60 million RMB. He is named the inventor on more than 50 patents and has published over 200 refereed papers. Two articles published in APPLIED ENERGY (ranking 1st in Energy category in Scopus) were in citation rankings top 10. He has also published the first Chinese PV/T monograph ‘Research Progress on Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal System Utilization’ and the monograph ‘Research and Application of the Novel Solar Thermal Technologies Based on Flat-plate Solar Collectors’.


Prof. Jie Ji has won several awards including first Innovation Awards in World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies, Special contribution award in CAS, European Dragon Star Innovation Award, Special Gold Award at the Geneva invention fair, Special Allowance of the State Council etc. and he has established numerous links with industry and international institutions, which has brought more than 5 billion RMB output value.