Getting to Wuhan, China

International Flight

There is a growing list of airlines that fly internationally direct to/from Wuhan Tianhe airport.  Wuhan is growing and modernizing quickly, and Tianhe airport is no exception, with a huge, brand new, and state of the art international terminal (T3) now open.

Travel Tip: An advantage in arriving in Wuhan on an international flight is that you go through passport control and customs here, at your destination city.  Not only is our new terminal spacious and modern, if there are delays for any reason, you are in no danger of missing a connecting flight; you are where you need to be!

The list on this map may not be exhaustive, so check with your travel agent if you can fly directly to our city.

Domestic Travel

While airline flights are an obvious method of reaching Wuhan from any of our major ports of entry, do consider our high-speed train systems.  They are comfortable, safe, and have a lot more leg room.  There are no restrictions to getting up and moving around, and they are generally much cheaper than flying.  Wuhan is Central China’s Hub City, and as such is connected directly to all of our major centers.

And they are FAST!

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Getting to the Hong Shan Hotel, Wuhan

By Taxi

If traveling by taxi, the address is:

Zhong Shan Hotel, 1 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province.  Show your driver this:




By Metro (Subway)


The other way to get to the Hong Shan Hotel would be via the metro train service.

You are heading to a station called Hongshan Square, and you want to use Exit D2 which is located right at the main gate of Hong Shan Hotel. There should be a driveway very close to you leading to the hotel’s entrance.

Please note when the time comes to return that there are two metro lines at this station; Line 2 and Line 4.  There are two platforms, but they mix the lines together.  This is for ease of transferring between lines.  It is quite convenient, but you need to check carefully upstairs which platform you need, otherwise you will go down and possibly find you have to come back up and change.  Just read the signs (which have English/Pinyin on them too) very carefully to avoid inconvenience.

On all metro maps, Line 2 is depicted in pink, and Line 4 is depicted in light green.

From Wuhan Tianhe Airport

From the international airport, Line 2 of our metro system will bring you to Hong Shan Hotel directly, please use Exit D2.

If arriving at the international terminal, the entrance to the metro (subway) is right near the arrivals gate of the your terminal (Terminal 3).  Airport signage includes English, so it isn’t difficult to find.

If you arrive at the domestic terminal, you will need to take the free shuttle bus to the international terminal to reach the metro.

This is the end of the line, so you can’t go the wrong way, but you can confirm that you are headed towards Optics Valley Square.


When it comes time to return to the airport, you will need to check you are getting on Line 2 heading towards Tianhe Int’l Airport.

Please note that not every train runs all the way to the airport.  This is not a problem; it simply means at some point you need to get off this train and what for the next one.  The electronic signs inside each carriage, and at the train platform, will indicate for the last several stops, so you can see if you will need to get off.

If this happens, just get off, stay on the platform, and get on the next one provided it shows the stops to the airport being open.

Long Distance Train

Wuhan has three long distance train terminals serving high speed train services.

All three are paired with convenient access to the local metro service.  Just follow the signs

Hankou Station

Hankou Station is on Line 2, and you want to head towards Optics Valley Square.


Check that you are going to the platform for Line 2 heading towards Tianhe Int’l Airport.

Wuchang Station

Wuchang Station is on Line 4, and you want to head towards Wuhan Station.


Check that you are going to the platform for Line 4 heading towards Huangjinkou.

Wuhan Station

Wuhan Station is on Line 4, and you want to head towards Huangjinkou.  Wuhan Station is the end of the line, so you can’t go the wrong way.


Check that you are going to the platform for Line 4 heading towards Wuhan Station.


If you have any questions, please contact us using the email address or phone number at the bottom of this page.